You could call it a blog

  • Steam on Arch Linux
    7 September 2016

    I use Steam on my arch linux machine.

  • Run SQL for every DB in MySQL
    25 August 2016

    Unfortunately I have to use MySQL at $work, we have a tonne of databases (multi-tenant app), to track down problems I somethings need to run some SQL on every DB .. heres a some bash I threw together to run some SQL on each:

  • Non HiDPI apps like dia in a HiDPI World
    3 August 2016

    I sometimes use dia to plan software or processes (oldie but a goodie)

  • SSH Forward + IPTables
    25 September 2015

    When making changes to our project, we commit into git and then build the whole app, this includes multiple services. For this we make use of docker and selenium.

  • Use google music from the command line
    4 August 2015

    I like google music its an inexpensive and reliable service with a fairly good collection of music and I can upload my collection too.

  • My vundle - vim extentions
    16 July 2015

    I use vim as my editor, I am far from a leet user but am comfortable with it and find it speeds up my development compared to other editors I have tried.

  • Capture and print HTTP request
    14 April 2015

    So I wanted to see what this app was exporting (http request wise), so I created the following Rack app to listen on a given port, then I could capture and print what the app was posting

  • Use sshuttle to create a VPN
    26 March 2015

    So I was running some end2end tests of a our software stack, part of which involved using Selenium to register a user. The registeration process involved being sent an email that contained a “confirmation” link.

  • Port forward locally
    12 March 2015

    So I was trying to test out a web service deep inside a private network which I had to create a number of SSH tunnels to access.

  • A REPL a Rails app
    2 February 2015

    I wanted a tool to do little tricks within MyApp, they were abit beond rake tasks, so I thought i’d give writting a custom REPL a do.