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  • vim-plugin-not-required
    9 October 2017

    When using vim and working within Rails project I found it a PITA to manually open the corrosponding rspec file or app file in the split layout I wanted.

  • AirVPN on Arch
    26 September 2017

    I wanted a VPN for use at home, so I did 1 second of googling a decided upon AirVPN

  • Arch broke and it was awesome!
    1 August 2017

    I use Arch Linux running on an encrypted root filesystem (btrfs) The other day I rebooted and it could not decrypt my file system .. I was faced with this:

  • list-all-open-ports
    31 July 2017

    List all open ports

  • A simple bash script to move files to S3
    13 April 2017

    A directory is getting filled with little files containing log data, you wanna keep it but only kind archive style… ship it to S3!

  • Take a btrfs snapshot on each successfull boot
    8 February 2017

    To try and keep my system bootable no matter what happens I use systemd to run a script that takes a btrfs snapshot and configures bootctl to add that snapshot into the boot menu.

  • Doing a webping
    16 January 2017

    The question came up if our web server had some downtime during deploys.

  • LibreOffice in gnome wayland scale issue
    26 October 2016

    I loaded Libre Office in Gnome shell using the Wayland display server .. it was so wrong it was usable

  • Tmux commands in all windows and all panes
    23 September 2016

    Before I exit a tmux session I like to close down all the stuff, this usally means entering each pane of each window hitting Ctl-c a few times and typing ‘exit’ alot.. I can do that using bash like so:

  • Trying out Elixir for simple http
    19 September 2016

    Elixir sounds like it will solve many of the worries I have as a ruby developer, concurrency comes out-the-box and there seems to be good drive behind it.