Using systemd to mount my USB drives

I setup my really old tower pc as a server for my house. I cant sell it (coz its shit) and hate throwing stuff away.

I installed Arch Linux and set about configuring the mounting of some usb drives. For this I went the systemd route.

Setting up mounts seems pretty easy.. but I was faces this error:

Where= setting doesn't match unit name. Refusing.

Turns out you have to name the units after the path where you are going to mount (not sure why)

so I created the unit like so:

$ sudo vim /etc/systemd/system/`systemd-escape -p --suffix=mount "/run/grey-usb-hdd"`

add the text like so:

Description=Mount USB harddrive (grey)



the just ran

$ sudo systemctl enable 'run-grey\\x2dusb\\x2dhdd.mount'
$ sudo systemctl start 'run-grey\\x2dusb\\x2dhdd.mount'